Tśzil Restructuring as of April 1st, 2019

As you may have heard, Tśzil underwent some restructuring on April 1st, 2019. This restructuring is in response to the growing responsibilities being added to the Advanced Education (Tśzil) Program. Starting April 1st, Tśzil has assumed departmental responsibility over Líl̓wat Employment and Training, and the School District 48 (SD 48) Aboriginal Support Workers contract. Prior to April 1st, Tśzil also assumed departmental responsibility over the Youth Centre.

This restructuring includes promotions for Victoria Joe (Receptionist/Administrative Assistant to Tśzil Administrative Assistant), Casey Dick-Wyatt (Education Coordinator to Advanced Education Manager), Maury Bikadi (Trades and Training Coordinator to Employment, Trades and Training Manager), and Mason Ducharme (Manager of Advanced Education and Training to Director of Tśzil). The restructuring also includes the addition of two positions: Receptionist, and Employment and Training Program Coordinator.

Victoria Joe will now provide administrative assistance to the Operations Manager, Employment, Trades, and Training Manager, Advanced Education Manager, and the Youth Centre Coordinator. Examples of this type of work includes processing e-Requester payments, taking minutes at meetings, and other tasks assigned by the Tśzil management team.

Casey Dick-Wyatt will now be supervising the Learning Facilitator, overseeing the Capilano University relationship and instructors, and supervising the School District 48 (SD 48) Aboriginal Support Workers. Casey will still assume the responsibilities of her former Education Coordinator role but will take on more managerial tasks and delegation.

Maury Bikadi will now be supervising the Career Development Practitioners (2), the Employment and Training Program Coordinator, and the Trades and Training Administrative Assistant. Maury will still assume the responsibilities of his former Trades and Training Coordinator role in addition to his added managerial role and tasks.

Mason Ducharme will now only have five (5) people reporting to him: The Operations Manager, the Employment, Trades and Training Manager, the Administrative Assistant, the Advanced Education Manager, and the Youth Centre Coordinator. This will free up Mason’s time to focus on the strategic level efforts for Tśzil in hopes of moving Tśzil forward to where the community envisions it by implementing the 2019-2024 Tśzil Strategic Plan, working with post-secondary institutions, and working closely with other Líl̓wat Nation departmental Directors.

The introduction of having a management team and a director at Tśzil is exciting because it hasn’t been done before, and we feel that it’ll have a positive impact on the organization and the community. Mason Ducharme believes that this is a great opportunity to build the capacity of our motivated and capable Líl̓wat7ul employees to assume management roles and to hopefully assume the role as Director of Tśzil one day.

If you see Victoria, Casey, Maury or Mason in the community, please congratulate them in their promotions.