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It has recently come to the attention of our Chief and Council that a large scale music event called ‘The Two Acre Shaker’ was scheduled to take place within the boundaries of our Reserve over the upcoming weekend of August 13th.  Unfortunately, the Lil’wat Nation was not consulted or approached in relation to this event and we cannot allow it to take place. 

Chief and Council have informed the organizers of the Two Acre Shaker that we do not grant permission for this event to take place anywhere within the Mount Currie Reserve boundaries.  Our community has had issues with music festivals in the past and we are very concerned about the organizers ability to ensure the safety of our own residents as well as visitors.   

The specific lands that were identified as the location of this event are legally held by the Mount Currie Band and any activity taking place upon those lands must be done with the authority of the Lil’wat Nation government.  The Lil’wat Nation has the legal right to evict any non-band member from any reserve lands at any time and will do so should this event proceed against our decision.