TheTzu Chi  Foundation will be visiting Mount Currie on September 18th for the third year in a row.  They will be at the Ullus from 11am-3pm and we need to create a list of all items that are needed in our community. 

If you know any underprivileged children, families, elders or disabled please take some time in making a list of things they need and forward it to me.  It is all our hope that no one will be left out of this day.  People will need to go to the Band Office in order to get their donation items.  The elders bus will be running through that time in order to help those that can not get there.  Please contact the health center to book the bus 894-6656. 

 In past the Tzu Chi Foundation volunteers have provided food hampers, coats, socks, mitts, hats, blankets, boots, and other warm and comforting donations.

We need lists by Thursday (tomorrow) evening in order to compile the list for the Chief.  Thank you all in advance for your time.

Submitted by Joanne Van Engelsdorp, Home Care Nurse 604-894-6656 x242