Thursday, January 26th  3:30 – 6:00 PM

Hepatitis A Vaccine is recommended for high risk individuals and children and adolescents aged

6 Months – 18 Years

·         Infants will get their 1st dose at 6 months of age and a 2nd dose at 18 months of age 

·         Older children need 2 doses of vaccine with at least 6 months between each dose

Hepatitis A is a virus that attacks the liver.

Hepatitis A often spreads through the household when one person is infected 

·         It can be spread by sharing food

·         It can also be spread through touch, including through normal child-to-child contact

The vaccine is the best way to protect against hepatitis A infection. When you get vaccinated, you help protect others as well.

Please bring your children to the school to get their vaccination. 

For more information on immunizations please speak with a Community Health Nurse at the               Pqusnalhcw Health Centre   (604) 894-6656

Or, visit Immunize BC at

The BC health file #33 on Hepatitis A vaccine is found at

Call 8-1-1 for non-emergency health information and services in B.C.