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Please take note that hot weather and/or heavy rainfall patterns is predicted for the next few weeks which will bring a risk of possible flooding at the junction of Highway 99 and Rancheree. In preparation of water going over the road, we are looking for volunteers to start sandbagging to help protect homes and gardens should a flood event occur.

Starting immediately all Community Members are encouraged to volunteer for a couple of hours to do some preventative measures (sandbagging) at the plumbers shack in Mount Currie or at the Salt Shed at Xit’olacw. Further information regarding the need to be sandbagging will be followed up on a regular basis.

Weather updates may be obtained online at any time at the following web address:


and Flood Warnings and Advisories are published online at the BC River Forecast Centre at:


The Lil’wat Nation/Mount Currie Band Emergency Operations Committee will maintain contact with authorities and meteorologists over the next few weeks and will notify you should there be any further risk or action to be taken.

Thank you for your consideration.


Chief Lucinda Phillips

Lil’wat Nation
Mount Currie Band