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 Our daycare centers are seeking donations of pumpkins & or cash to help out with the Halloween festivities that we want to host for our children. The local pumpkin patch charges $10 p/c w/parent and with 19 Nursery children,  that’s over $190 (w/ staff) for just one of our programs (using only Nursery as an example).

 The daycare educators came up with a great plan, but we need assistance.

 We want to bring a pumpkin patch to each program! Our idea is to lay out pumpkins all over the playground and have the kids go and select their very own pumpkin to carve.   After the “Great Pumpkin Search” we will have a hotdog and marshmallow roast, with parent involvement and have a fun day with our babies.

 To do this we need just over 90 pumpkins. (eg. Nursery has 19 children, we would need 19 pumpkins)

 Pqusnalhcw Center:

  • Nursery = 19 children
  • After School Club = 20 children
  • Skwalx = 20 children
  • Toddler room = 10
  • Infant room = 10


  • tsvkatsvka (3-5) = 4 children
  • tsuqum (toddler) = 6 children

 Walmart has pumpkins for $3.00 each but we would rather purchase (or source donations of) our pumpkins locally. They do not need to be big, but something the children can carve and enjoy.

 We are asking for community support but are hoping that Pemberton’s great resource of farmers can help us out.  We can write your name down, on any sort of donation and tag it to the pumpkin stating it was donated by you, if you wish to do this.

We have a deadline of Oct. 21, 2011 for any donations, so we can plan the day accordingly. Our celebration day is on Oct. 27, 2011.

We greatly appreciate your support.  Please contact Nadine if you can help out!


Nadine Pascal
Head Supervisor
604-894-6115 ext. 2270