This is an update on the status of the pump replacement at Xit’olacw.

Water tankers have been travelling back and forth today and have filled the tank with over 100,000 litres of water.  During the course of the day this refilling kept the tank just about level.  There are plans to bring two more tanks up this evening and that will be it for tonight. 

The replacement pump is set to be installed first thing tomorrow morning and the Xit’olacw Community School and Pqusnalhcw Health Centre and Day Care will be open as usual.


Due to the limited amount of water left in the tank, the Water Conservation Notice will remain in effect until the new pump has been installed.  Please do what you can to limit your water usage this evening and tomorrow morning.  Please put off the clothes, dish and people washing until tomorrow if possible!

A notice will be sent out tomorrow morning as soon as the replacement pump is installed.

Thanks again for your ongoing patience and cooperation.