The tank at Xit’olacw is nearly empty and we have had reports that people living on the higher roads (away from the tank) have been out of water as of early this morning.  Right now there is a small amount of water at the school but this will not last long.

We are asking that people living at Xit’olacw stop all water usage until we can confirm that the pump has been replaced.  There is water available at Ullus and the showers and washroom facilities are open to the community so please come down.

A team is on site to repair the damaged pump and water tankers are on thier way to refill the tank.  Bottles of water are also being distributed to various locations throughout the community.

Please try not to use any water until at least noon today.  We know this is difficult but it’s very important that our health centre and school have access to water.

As soon as the pump has been repaired we will send out alerts via the website, email and text message.  Please share this information with those who may not be connected.