Further to this notice we can now confirm that the replacement pump will not be installed until later this afternoon.

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 Stan Lester and his crew have been working all morning to refill the tank but it is only just getting filled faster than it’s being emptied.  Please contact friends and relatives and ask that they continue to reduce water usage until this afternoon.  We realize that people have been trying to prepare for this water shortage by filling up buckets and basins but this could actually cause problems if the system starts to fill with air.  We have also recieved questions about hot water tanks.  If you are concerned about your tank you can turn it off using the switch on your electrical panel (it should be labelled) however, if we continue to reduce and limit our general water consumption (this includes using hot water), the tanks should remain at a safe level.

Bottled water has been made available at the Tsipun and as previously announced, the Ullus showers and washrooms are always open to the community. 

 Again, we ask that you circulate this information to friends and family either by email, phone or text message.  It’s really important that we do what we can to maintain the water system until the pump is replaced later today.   Everyone is working hard to ensure that water service is replaced as soon as possible and we need the community to work with us to ensure that our system does not get damaged in the meantime.

While the phones are still down at Ullus you can direct people to call the Lands office at 604 894 2333 if they have any questions.