This summer Provincial and local agencies removed a large amount of woody debris from the Birkenhead River to aid with flood alleviation.  The debris that was removed was piled in the Pole Yard for temporary storage.  It is now Autumn and these piles need to be dealt with.  Much of the wood is soaked and rough but there are logs that would be good for fence posts and firewood.

Mount Currie Band Members are being notified that this wood is available for use if you go and pick it up yourself.  There are two piles at the back of the Pole Yard and Drew Oberson (owner of Continental Pole) is inviting community members to go ahead and take what they want.  The pole yard is open daily for regular business so please go during a weekday afternoon before 7pm. 

If you are unsure which piles are available please check in at the reception – do not take wood if you are unsure!

Anyone who does choose to go and collect wood from this pile does so at his/her own risk.  People are urged to use extreme caution.  Please be careful and bring the appropriate equipment to get the wood, the piles are ‘messy’ and may be unstable.   

Any wood in this pile that is not claimed will be burnt in the spring. 

If you have any questions please call the Lands Department at 604 894 2333.