February 19, 2021


During the week of February 22, 2021, there will be work taking place at the Continental Pole Yard near Birkenhead River and on Grandmother Slough.  You may see the Líl̓wat Fisheries Technicians out and about.

For Your Information regarding work near Birkenhead River:

“The Nation has recently been awarded a total of $1.5 million through the Union of BC Municipalities to use towards upgrades of the Poleyard Dike.  This dike is a critical piece of infrastructure that provides flood protection to many residents and Nation assets in the area of IR 10.  The dike protects against flooding of the Birkenhead as well as preventing the river from changing course at this 90-degree bend in the river.  The upgrades include construction of a new dike set back from the existing one and will be built to protect against a 1 in 200-year flood on the Birkenhead (the existing dike will be overtopped in a 1 in 50 year flood).  Pre-construction activities will be picking up throughout the month of March and will mainly consist of stockpiling dike fill material.  This will involve a large volume of dump trucks traveling through Main St throughout the month and into April.  Actual construction of the dike will start in May/June with Phase 1 wrapping up over the summer.  Phase 2 scheduled for 2022 will involve armoring the dike with large rip rap.”

Kukwstumckalap, Nilh ti

Maxine Bruce
Fisheries Manager