Investing in the Nation

Opportunities To Invest In An Exciting Tomorrow

Investing in the Líl̓wat Nation is investing in a dynamic future.  Opportunities for investment vary from partnering with the Nation’s existing businesses and corporations to entering partnerships to develop fee simple lands. The Economic Development Department operates under best practices as determined by the laws and codes of the Líl̓wat Nation. Transparent and open management, fair negotiation, and committed partnerships are what you can expect when investing in the Líl̓wat Nation

It’s easier than ever to do business with Líl̓wat Nation. Having built a diverse economy with businesses both retail and resource-based companies, the Líl̓wat Business Group offers a variety of opportunities to invest in theNation. Over the years, processes have been streamlined, and the community has refined its vision for economic development setting a clearer path to success.

In 2009, the Líl̓wat Nation ratified its Consultation and Accommodation Policy. The policy provides a framework for making informed and appropriate decisions when it comes to land use and business partnership agreements. The goals of the policy are to create positive working relations with all parties involved in land use matter, address new business and policy development, and ensure that a fair and consistent process is in place.

During a consultation process, the Líl̓wat Nation puts a proposed land use through a rigorous 17-question filter to determine if the land is being alienated or affects Aboriginal Rights and Title. The process also considers the cultural implications of the proposed activity and the overall impact the land use will have on the community. If the proposed project satisfies all criteria and falls within the Líl̓wat Land Use Plan guidelines, a letter of intent (LOI) between the Líl̓wat Nation and the other parties is drafted and signed. The LOI is followed up with an Impact Benefits Agreement.

The Líl̓wat Nation owns 1,200 acres of fee simple land in the Pemberton Valley. An additional 300 acres in the Resort Municipality of Whistler is owned jointly with the Squamish Nation. (Fee simple land refers to absolute ownership in jurisdictions that preserve traditional common law as the legal basis of land ownership.)

The Líl̓wat Nation has successfully rezoned and sold land, and currently enjoys several active partnerships including an ownership stake in the Red Sky Townhome Development at Baxter Creek, in Whistler, BC.

If you are seeking to lease land or partner on development opportunities, please contact Kerry Mehaffey at the Economic Development Department.

For More Information

Kerry Mehaffey
Chief Executive Officer, Líl̓wat Business Group
Phone: 604-894-6115 Ext. 2239