Creating Safe And Secure Housing For The Community

The Líl̓wat Nation’s Housing Department manages 170 on-reserve homes. The department’s top priority is to work with the Housing Board to get people into safe and secure housing.

Additionally, the department manages rental agreements and provides tenants (and sometimes homeowners) with home insurance. Líl̓wat Nation citizens can also arrange home repairs through the Housing Department. The Housing Department networks and interacts with the Public Works and Infrastructure Department. As part of its work, the Housing Department also manages and oversees funding, grant applications, and rental agreements. The department also addresses tenant complaints.

Housing Rental Services

The Housing Department offers two different types of rentals: CMHC housing and nation-owned housing. The department also offers support services for people living in rental housing.

CMHC s.95 Social Housing
CHMC s.95 housing refers to homes built under a Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation program that assists in the construction, purchase and rehabilitation, and administration of suitable, adequate and affordable rental housing on reserve.

Individual Loan S.10 Housing
Individual Loan S.10 Housing refers to applicants borrowing to build, buy or renovate a home through a bank or lender program.

Band Housing Rentals
Band housing rentals refers to homes that are owned by the band.

Home Insurance Support
The Housing Department can assist with home insurance costs for tenants. In some instances, this program may be extended to homeowners.

Property Maintenance Services

The property maintenance services listed below are provided free of charge to people renting their homes.  The specific responsibilities of tenants and Líl̓wat Nation are outlined in the document, Roles and  Responsibilities for Housing Maintenance and Repair.

  • Major and minor repairs
  • Renovations
  • Plumbing
  • Hot water tank replacement
  • Major appliance replacement
  • Electrical

All of the above services are also available to property owners for a fee.

Not sue what is your responsibilities are? Here they are:

Roles and Responsibilities for Housing Maintenance and Repair


Housing Applications — You can now apply online!

The Housing Department accepts and supports community members’ housing applications, maintains a housing list and works with the Capital Projects Department to apply for CMHC funding for new housing.

Fill out or print out the Líl̓wat Nation Application for Housing

More on Líl̓wat Nation  Rental and Rent-to-Own Housing

Housing Policy

Read the Líl̓wat Nation Housing Policy


For More Information

Gayle Andrews
Housing Coordinator
Phone: 604-894-6115
Fax: 604-894-6841
Cell: 604-966-4592
Email: Gayle.Andrews@lilwat.ca