Finance & Administration

Providing Quality Financial and Administrative Services

The Líl̓wat Nation’s goal is to remains a financially healthy organization, acting in a transparent and accountable manner and supported by an effective financial administration.

The Finance & Administration Department strives to achieve this by providing financial information and administrative support that enables best practice decision-making in a seamless and friendly way to all of our internal customers and external community members. Finance & Administration is responsible for the Finance, Information Technology (IT), and the Úll̓us Community Complex administrative functions for the Líl̓wat Nation.


The Finance Department provides financial services and financial planning support for the Líl̓wat Nation’s programs and services.

Specific responsibilities:

Financial Services

  • Day-to-day accounting functions including proper record maintenance for cash, accounts receivable, revenue, payroll and benefits, and accounts payable
  • Preparation of monthly financial reporting for all programs and services
  • Year-end Financial Statement Audit preparation
  • Government and Funding Partner reporting

Financial Planning

  • Annual Program and Budgeting process support
  • Multi-Year Financial Planning
  • Cash flow forecasting and management

  • Management of Líl̓wat Nation Restricted Reserves

Finance Department Contacts

Finance Services
Phone: 604-894-6115 x2449

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Information Technology (IT)

The Information Technology (IT) Department is responsible for developing and maintaining the information technology infrastructure for all Líl̓wat Nation programs, services, and facilities.

Specific responsibilities:

  • Managing an internal network of over 100 desktop workstations, office equipment, operating systems, and supporting infrastructure for more than 190 users.
  • Providing a helpdesk function for assistance to all Líl̓wat Nation staff with equipment procurement, use of MS Office and other software, in addition to support for printers and photocopiers, VOIP Phones and cell phones.

Information Technology Contact
604-894-6115 x2245


The Office Administration Department is responsible for all office administration functions associated with the Úll̓us Community Centre.

Specific responsibilities:

  • Reception, Janitorial, and Building Maintenance services for the Úll̓us Community Complex
    Administrative services
  • Úll̓us Community Complex supply purchasing, office equipment and services support, Internet, and phone services

Úll̓us Community Complex Office Administration Contact

Sylvia Dan
Phone 604-894-6115 x2244

Financial & Administration Services

Income Tax Filing Service
Finance & Administration assists community members with the preparation and filing of income tax returns. The program runs annually in the last three weeks of April.

Financial Counselling Services
Counselling services are available to community members facing financial uncertainties, or who would like to be in Good Financial Standing with the Líl̓wat Nation.

Community Financial Statements
Audited Financial Statements are prepared annually for the community and funding partners. These statements are readily available in the Líl̓wat Nation annual report published annually in the fall or can be viewed at the Úll̓us Community Centre by appointment.

Account Payment Processing
Community members can make payments on their accounts or their Rent, Home Insurance, Daycare, Service Fees, or Internet Services at the Front Desk of the Úll̓us Community Complex using the following methods:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Debit
  • Visa
  • MasterCard

On-Line Payments
Community members who are Scotiabank customers can make payments on-line by adding Mount Currie Band and Líl̓wat Retail Operations to their lists of payees.

To do so, community members can:

  1. Go to the Scotiabank website at
  2. Type in your account number
  3. Go to Bill Payments
  4. Click on Add Payee
  5. Add Payee
  6. For Rent, Home Insurance, Service Fees and Daycare Fees please type in “Mount Currie Band.”
  7. For Líl̓wat Retail Internet Service Fees please type in “Líl̓wat.”
  8. Enter Customer number from Líl̓wat Nation or Líl̓wat Retail Operations statement.
    (Customer number is general the fist three letters of a person’s last name, followed by the first three letters of a person’s first name.)

Employee Support Services

  • Payroll processing for all programs and services including the Líl̓wat Nation’s Business Corporations
  • Providing Extended Health Benefit & Pension Planning workshops
  • Annual T4 creation

Front Desk Services

Úll̓us Room Bookings
The Úll̓us Community Complex has an array of rooms, from a community kitchen to a gym and meeting spaces, available for booking by internal and external groups. To book a room at the Úll̓us, please call 604-894-6115.

Social Development Appointment Booking
To book an appointment with Social Development, please call The Líl̓wat Nation Front Desk at 604-894-6115.

Cheque Processing and Distribution
Finance & Administration processes and distributes of Patient Travel, Living Allowance and Social Assistance cheques. These cheques are available for pick up at The Líl̓wat Nation Front Desk. To confirm Social Assistance cheque distribution dates, please click here.

For More Information

Annie Papillon
Finance Manager
Phone: 604-894-6115 Ext. 2449