Líl̓wat Nation
P.O. Box 602
Mount Currie, British Columbia
V0N 2K0

Email: info@lilwat.ca
Phone: 604.894.6115
Fax: 604.894.6841

Staff Directory

Name Title Email (@lilwat.ca) Phone
Ernest Armann Chief Administrative Officer Ernest.Armann 604.894.6115 EXT. 2247
Josie Peters Executive Assistant Josephine.Peters 604.894.6115 EXT. 2236
Neil McInnes Director of Finance Neil.McInnes 604.894.6115 EXT. 2224
Sylvia Dan Office Manager Sylvia.Dan 604.894.6115 EXT. 2244
Mitch Olender Senior IT Systems Engineer Mitch.Olender 604.894.6115
Name Title Email (@lilwat.ca) Phone
Debbie Alendal Director of Community Social Services Debbie.Alendal 604.894.6115 EXT. 2267
Alphonse Wallace Manager, Recreation Alphonse.Wallace 604.894.6115 EXT. 2254
Lois Joseph Manager, Lilwat’7ul Culture Centre Lois.Joseph 604.894.6115 EXT. 2259
Name Title Email (@lilwat.ca) Phone
Rachel Andrew-Nelson Director of Community Health Services Rachel.Andrew-Nelson 604.894.6656
Iris Pierre Operatons Manager, Health & Healing Iris.Pierre 604.894.6656
Nadine Pascal Manager, Pqusnalhcw Daycare Nadine.Pascal 604.894.6656
Name Title Email (@lilwat.ca) Phone
Harriet VanWart Director of Land, Resources & Infrastructure Harriet.VanWart 604.894.2333 EXT. 223
Bobbi Jo Leo Office Coordinator, Lands & Resources Lands.Administration 604.894.2333 EXT. 221
Calvin Jameson Manager, Public Works Calvin.Jameson 604.894.6115 EXT. 2257
Name Title Email (@lilwat.ca) Phone
Lisa Fisher Manager of Advanced Education Lisa.Fisher 604.894.2300
Barb Busalacchi Education Coordinator Barb.Busalacchi 604.894.2300
Name Title Email (@lilwat.ca) Phone
Verna Stager Administrator of Xit’olacw Community School Verna.Stager  604.894.6131
Rosa Andrew Principal of Xit’olacw Community School Rosa.Andrew  604.894.6131
Name Title Email (@lilwat.ca) Phone
Kerry Mehaffey Director of Economic Development & Lil’wat Business Kerry.Mehaffey  604.894.6115 EXT. 2239
Michelle Thevarge Project & Business Coordinator Michelle.Thevarge  604.894.6115 EXT. 2243
Graham Turner Manager, Lil’wat Gas & Tsipun Corner Store Graham.Turner  604.894.6115 EXT. 2447


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