Social Development

Promoting Wellness in All Areas of Life

The Social Development Department is committed to building on the strengths of children, youth, and families of the Líl̓wat Nation. The department’s programs and services are designed to encourage and support spiritual, mental, emotional and physical growth.

The Social Development Department oversees four separate departments that work together to make wellness — emotional, spiritual, mental and physical — a shared priority. We advocate for families. We champion recreation. We promote the Lil̓wat7u̓l culture andnd most importantly, we strive to improve the quality of life for every citizen of the Líl̓wat Nation. The programs that Social Development and its departments deliver have been designed to help individuals achieve success, whatever their circumstances. The services we provide support wellness and promote positive outcomes for our clients.

Social Development Programs & Services

Líl̓wat Wellness
Líl̓wat Wellness provides three levels of Active Parenting Programs for parents with children ages one to four, five to 12 and 13 and older. These programs help parents navigate child-rearing challenges and meet their children’s developmental milestones. As well, Líl̓wat Wellness regularly holds workshops for couples and individuals aiming to improve communication.

Lil̓wat7ul Culture Centre
The Lil̓wat7ul Culture Centre is integral to the development, promotion and understanding of traditional and modern Líl̓wat Values. The centre, located on the second floor of the Úll̓us Community Complex, features arts and crafts displays and provides cultural training workshops and classes. As well, the centre works in the area of Ucwalmícwts language preservation and community cultural education.

The Membership Department deals with all issues regarding status, including Status cards, transfers into and out of the Líl̓wat Nation, and provides election and referendum training.

Social Support And Skills Development
The Social Development Department focuses on advocacy and delivering programs and services to community members facing social challenges. These services include:

  • Budget Basics workshops
  • Family Preservation support
  • Child Welfare support
  • Court support services
  • Counselling services
  • Social Assistance

Youth and Elders Programming

Social Development sponsors programs that address the social needs of youth and elders. Among the department’s initiatives are the breakfast and lunch programs for the Pqusnalhcw Childcare Centre and Xet̓ólacw Community Schools.

For More Information

Debbie Alendal
Director of Community Social Services
Phone: 604-894-6115 Ext. 2267