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Discover How You Can Contribute Your Skills

In serving our community, there is a wide range of opportunities within our many different divisions. Read on to discover how you can be part of our team.

Líl̓wat Business Corporations will pursue and operate profitable businesses consistent with our values to generate sustainable benefits for the Líl̓wat Nation. This area creates our biggest employment opportunities at an average of 60 part and full-time jobs annually.

Some of the roles in Corporations include:

  • Management: We have a separate accounting staff, and provide overall management and oversight to all Líl̓wat companies.
  • Retail: From cashier at the supermarket to post office attendant to supervising the gas station, team members here are customer focussed, able to manage a cash register and know how to follow procedures.
  • Forestry: Working in forestry is where flexibility and strong teamwork is key. Forestry team members are asked to do a wide variety of jobs from tree planting to brushing to falling – and you must love working outdoors!
The goal of Lands & Resources is self-determination for and by Líl̓wat over Líl̓wat Traditional Territory. Lands and Resources consists of three separate departments: On-Reserve Lands, Traditional Territory Stewardship and Fisheries. Together these departments address all issues concerning the Líl̓wat Nation’s land and resource management, guided by the principles of Nt̓ákmen.

Opportunities Lands & Resources include:

  • Fisheries Technician: On-call/seasonal work to conduct fish monitoring, assessment and enumeration duties.
  • Environmental Technician: On-call/seasonal work to carry out environmental monitoring, water quality assessment, and other environmental assessment fieldwork.
  • Archaeological Technician: On-call/seasonal work to assist in archaeological studies and lead preliminary field assessments to determine the archaeological potential of a proposed development area.
Public Works to create a healthy community with public infrastructure and housing that meets national standards for safety and quality. This team handles maintaining water and wastewater facilities, roads, bridges and community buildings.

The Housing team ensures safe and secure housing is available for all Líl̓wat citizens. The team also brings the right blend of care and compassion to the members problems and with the experience they have, they work at finding solutions to some of the most difficult situations related to accessibility and safety.

Roles on this team include:

  • Building Maintenance: Jobs on this team require teamwork; building trades knowledge, and community understanding to be able to provide care and service to the best possible standard. Experience with general carpentry, Plumbing Electrical and Roofing are some of the skills these good folks bring to this job.
  • Specialized Trades: Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing and Roofing, with experience and certifications are some of the skills that the team employees to better serve the community.
With love and respect, the Health & Healing Department practices in peace and harmony to make a positive impact on families, the community and in its work environment. The department strives to create healthy relationships promoting a healing environment for the higher good of all. Health & Healing commits to celebrate Líl̓wat culture, traditions and legacies of our wise ancestors for present and future generations.

Opportunities in Health & Healing include: in these areas:

  • Nurses: From LPN to an RN, nurses at the centre have specific nursing degrees and experience working in the medical field.
  • Homecare Worker: Health & Healing employs both certified and non-certified homecare workers. This work directly serves our community by going into community homes to provide important homecare services.
  • Counsellors: Counselling staff has degrees as well as specific training and experience in mental health and wellness.
  • Maternal Child Health: Part of Health & Healing’s nursing staff, the focus for this team is on newborn and child health.
Úll̓us Childcare Centre, where friendship and learning begin.” This specialized and certified team provide quality care for some of our youngest community members.

The Recreation Department works to create and deliver recreation social and leisure opportunities to the community.

Roles in Childcare & Recreation include:

  • Childcare Worker: Team members in childcare have Early Childhood Education degrees and certifications. This team loves children, is patient and caring and also loves to play fun/educational games with the little ones every day.
  • Recreation Coordinator: Team members in the recreation department must live healthy and active lifestyles. Some roles require specialized training and certifications.
Learning from the past and present to create pride and strength in our future. Be part of building future leaders in our community and ensuring children learn Líl̓wat traditions, culture and language.

Roles at Xet̓ólacw Community School include:

  • Teacher: Requires a teaching degree and experience teaching kids from K to Grade 12. Must love working with kids.
  • Educational Assistant: Requires a certification to assist teachers and children in the classroom.
  • Maintenance and Janitorial staff: Ready to work physically to ensure grounds and school buildings are clean and safe for staff and students.
  • Administration: This area features support roles that ensure the administration of school business.
Ts̓zil Learning Centre offers educational opportunities that are based on Líl̓wat cultural renewal, holistic learning and personal growth. The aim of Ts̓zil is to create an environment where all people feel comfortable, safe and supported. The learning centre provides a community-driven range of high-quality services that provide positive experiences and outcomes for all students.

Roles at Ts̓zil include:

Education Manager: This position is responsible for managing staff, Capilano University programs, budgets, and working closely with all partners.

Education Coordinator and Learning Facilitator: These positions responsible for supporting Líl̓wat Nation members while they are attending post-secondary programs both in and out of the community.

Capilano University Instructors: Capilano University staffed instructors come with post-secondary degrees, instructional training and experience. These positions vary depending on programs being offered.

BladeRunner Coordinator: The BladeRunners responsible for working with ACCESS to offer employment programs that include life and job readiness skills, completion of industry certification and job placements.

Receptionist: The learning centre’s receptionist is responsible for office duties including answering phones, greeting visitors and student and organising the main office.

The Social Development and the Líl̓wat7ul Culture Centre are committed to building on the strengths of the children, youth and families of the Líl̓wat Nation. Services and programs offered by these departments are designed to encourage and support spiritual, mental, emotional and physical growth.

Jobs in this area include:

  • Social Development Worker:Social Development Workers process income assistance applications according to Social Development Policy and Procedure Manual according to AANDC Policy.
  • Líl̓wat Wellness Department Worker: Wellness Workers advocate for Líl̓wat community members dealing with the Ministry of Children and Family Development. Workers deliver a variety of programs and services to assist families to increase the safety and well-being of their children and to reach their individual and collective goals.
  • Líl̓wat7ul Culture Coordinator/ Language Coordinator: These positions are responsible for sharing the deep, rich culture and language as well as preserving the language, culture and heritage of the Líl̓wat Nation.
Finance & Administration’s goal is to remain a financially healthy organization, acting in a transparent and accountable manner and supported by an effective financial administration. The department achieves this by providing financial information and administrative support that enables best practice decision-making in a seamless and friendly way to all of our internal customers and external community members. Finance and Administration offers a wide variety of roles including:

  • Finance: Roles in accounting require experience in finance and in some cases a level of accounting education. Must love numbers!
  • Administrative Services: Supporting the Chiefs and Council and the Executive team, roles in this area require professionalism, attention to detail, taking initiative and ability to work with a wide variety of internal customers and external community members.
  • Information Technology: Today, these are some of the hottest jobs on the market. IT roles require training and experience and are key to keeping everyone working.
  • Reception: Taking care of the needs of all guests at the Úll̓us Community Centre. Customer service is a must, and the ability to manage multiple tasks at one time.
  • Janitorial Services: Keeping everything in tip-top shape, roles in janitorial services offer flexibility to work early mornings and evenings.

To view current job openings, please go to Career Opportunities. If you’d like to learn about what it’s like to work for the Líl̓wat Nation, please go to Workplace Culture.

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